Printed Cardboard Paper Tube: Get Personalized Products With Logos And Text

Posted by Admin on July, 29, 2023

Printed Cardboard Paper tubes are easily offered by suppliers who are interested in buying the best quality products.

A printed cardboard paper tube refers to a cylindrical container prepared from cardboard or paperboard stuff. It is commonly used for packaging and storing different items, which include artwork, posters, documents, or other cylindrical objects. The word "printed" implies the personalization of the tube with logos, text, graphics, or any other desired design factors.

If you wish to create a printed cardboard paper tube, the following steps are necessary:


Find out the features of the tube, which include length, diameter, and wall thickness. Moreover, you should create the artwork or design that will be written on the tube's surface.

Selection of the Material

Select an appropriate grade of cardboard or paperboard that meets the needs for durability, strength, and printability.


Use a printing method for printed cardboard paper tubes, which includes offsetting printing or digital printing, to apply the desired design onto the flat sheet of cardboard or paperboard that was earlier made into a kind of tube. The process of printing can comprise full-color graphics, pictures, text, or any additional branding elements.

Die cutting

After printing, the sheet of paper is cut into the necessary size and shape using a die-cutting machine. The process of die-cutting creates the needed slits and perforations for folding and tube assembly.

Tube formation

After that, the die cut is moved into a cylindrical shape and secured with adhesive or by interlocking closures or tabs. The ends of the tube can be left open or sealed with caps, plugs, or lids, according to the planned use.

Finishing touches

The suitable specifications can be inserted into the printed cardboard paper tube. It can be done by using a protective coating, embossing or debossing precise areas, or adding stickers or even labels.

The printed cardboard paper tube gives a highly flexible and personalized packaging solution. They are appropriate for the right industries, such as printing, manufacturing, retail, or promotional campaigns. It provides defense, simple storage, and a visually appealing way to display and transport cylindrical items.

The products are even popular for use as t-shirt packaging, coffee and tea storage containers, and candle packaging. These cardboard cylinder tubes are prepared with durable cardboard from sturdy kraft paper, with a 2mm thick durable wall that is unwilling to crush and won't out of shape to maintain your product's safe packaging. It can be used as shipping or mailing tube boxes. They are efficient at defending the products inside during shipment. Find a printed cardboard paper tube supplier.

Printed Cardboard Paper Tube suppliers are serving the needs of their customers and providing the best quality products. If you are interested in buying quality products, you should go for reliable and trustworthy suppliers with positive feedback from past clients. A comparison of the right price is also essential to getting the best price.

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